We offer resources for your outages.

Camera Refurb

Legacy remote monitoring system need updating or setup in your current or next outage?

Labor Support

Staffing woes for your upcoming outage?

We offer technical personnel for your custom solutions.

Product Development

The product development life cycle can be a treacherous and costly journey for the inexperienced.

Custom Design

Some applications require a unique solution to meet the unique challenges.

Proof of Concept

Physical prototyping and testing using engineered models is crucial to any new product or market evaluation.

Specifications Generation

What are the right questions to answer on a technical specifications requirement document?

Our fabrication and assembly services.


Multi-axis machining centers make complex fabrication into fast and simple operations.

Rapid Prototyping

Working directly using your CAD models, we can have a functional model in less than 1 week.

Optics Fab

The proper handling of optics during the assembly process is much a science as it is an art.

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RedScope is a nondestructive technology service provider, supporting asset and component owners with traditional and innovative technologies in their maintenance programs.